Our Place, Our Priorities: Week 8 22112012

Michael and Victoria.

Michael and David finished editing the photographs from the Lincoln Castle shoot, and then decided to go for a walk with their camera… first they popped into the minilab to talk with Dom about printing their photographs; then they met Victoria, Fiona and David on High Street (who all work as fundraisers for Framework), and talked about what it’s like being a service user at the Pathways Centre; finally Michael introduced David to his friends at the BeAttitude project. Liz, who is one of the BeAttitude organisers, was interested to hear about our ongoing project, and offered to host an exhibition of our work in the spring of 2013. Splendid.

Today we learnt how important it is to just get out there and talk to people!

What was David on about at the end?


The clear separation of ‘‘you’’ from ‘‘me’’ or one individual from another has historically been accepted as self-evident. That is, ‘‘we,’’ or, ‘‘you’’ and ‘‘I,’’ are faculties in our own right; largely independent, functionally autonomous, and bounded units or systems, separate from other humans and animals that are also largely independent, functionally autonomous, and bounded. The plausibility of this commonly held belief, however, has also been brought into question by research within the field of ECS (e.g., Goldstone & Gureckis, 2009; Marsh, Johnston, Richardson, & Schmidt, 2009b; Sebanz, Bekkering, & Knoblich, 2006), which has begun to provide evidence that the mechanisms of perception, action, and cognition can be defined across, as well as within individuals.

If that has whetted your appetite: