Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Week 16 | 14022013

Today Kane, Robert, David and Kevin discussed the pictures from last week’s shoot; and our respective ambitions for our work. Kane has some very interesting ideas about photographing his ‘Neck of the Woods’ (Abbey Ward), Robert is interested in getting to know Lincoln better, David’s keen to find and photograph instances of unusually thoughtful behaviour (like Henry’s great Stoke’s pigeon ‘accommodation’ [to follow]), and Kevin is keen to photograph ‘The Spring’; we are all interested in walking, talking, thinking and doing photography… together.


Here’s one of Robert’s photographs – Getting to Know Lincoln Through a Lens.

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 14 & 15 | 31012013 07022013

Brayford Pool

Today Kevin (the birthday boy!), Henry, Robert, Kane and David went out to take some pictures around Brayford Pool (Kane’s idea) and on High Street (Henry and Robert’s idea). We also discussed some of the pictures that Robert and Henry had taken last week (below). Henry is interested in creating work that explores different ‘perspectives’ on homelessness; the working title is See Things Differently (he got the idea for the title off Dani, a fundraiser for Friends of the Earth, well off Dani’s T Shirt to be precise!).

The Big Issue