Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Week 21 | 21032013


(Image: Robert Davies)

Today we finished processing the images from our recent Cathedral shoot, discussed next week’s public lecture, dropped our files off at the minilab (thanks again Dom and Dan!) and then popped into the studio of Graham the artist.

Graham's studio

Graham and Vanessa (a Swiss social work student on placement at The Pathways Centre), had an interesting disagreement about the meaning of life… Vanessa challenged Graham’s assertion that the meaning of life was to procreate… ‘What if one chooses not have children?’

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Week 20 | 14032013

Jenny and Dan (and Jess)

Today we visited The Collection, met Will, Maggie and Jenny (sorry Jenny!), and talked about the current exhibition. Dan then spent some time photographing one of his old ‘haunts’, a place of personal significance in the grounds of the Usher Gallery, and the location of his previous night’s dream…

Dan's Place

Richerson: Human Co-operation is Complex. In response: SSI Week 19 07032013

Richerson, P.J. (2012) ‘Human cooperation is a complex problem with many possible solutions: perhaps all of them are true! Social Evolutionary Forum, 2 December, available online at http://socialevolutionforum.com/2012/12/02/peter-j-richerson-human-cooperation-is-a-complex-problem-with-many-possible-solutions-perhaps-all-of-them-are-true/.

At the end of our session on Thursday, I asked everyone if they had any questions… this is my first offering to Alice, Vernon and Mike.

I also think John Bellamy Foster’s Marx’s Ecology (188-189) addresses some of Mike’s concerns; I’ll bring my copy along next Thursday.

Respectfully yours,


Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Week 19 | 07032013

Coffee (and tea) at Angel.

Today Kane, Dan (happy birthday for yesterday!), Robert (congratulations! Catering course at Lincoln College – starting September) and David talked about their images from the Cathedral shoot, took a walk along Guildhall Street with their camera (below) and had hot beverages at Angel, before visiting The Collection to scope out a possible display space… we’ll be returning to The Collection next Thursday to have a closer look at the current shows (today we enjoyed locating our respective ‘places’ on the massive map in the museum). A good day.


Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Week 18 | 28022013


Today Louise and David discussed Louise’s first shoot (above), Dan and David began processing some of the images from last week’s Cathedral shoot (to follow), collected one of Michael’s prints from Dom (and the other Dan) at the minilab, and then visited Angel Coffee House to talk with Max about exhibitions… and have a good gossip over coffee. The recurring ‘observation’ of the day was how one pays attention to ‘things’ differently when thinking photographically.

Dan and Michael's photograph | Angel