Richerson: Human Co-operation is Complex. In response: SSI Week 19 07032013

Richerson, P.J. (2012) ‘Human cooperation is a complex problem with many possible solutions: perhaps all of them are true! Social Evolutionary Forum, 2 December, available online at

At the end of our session on Thursday, I asked everyone if they had any questions… this is my first offering to Alice, Vernon and Mike.

I also think John Bellamy Foster’s Marx’s Ecology (188-189) addresses some of Mike’s concerns; I’ll bring my copy along next Thursday.

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One thought on “Richerson: Human Co-operation is Complex. In response: SSI Week 19 07032013

  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for posting this item from TED.

    From my point of view there were some things in the talk which I could link with: The idea of a phased development for different species, including humankind…..the power of the collective……capacity for self- transcendence [ I would describe as Self remembering as did Gurdjieff.]…….that the staircase is a feature of evolution..but staircases can go up and down………the idea of an evolution of morality [ to which I would add the possibility of culture, human nature, art etc]…….mostly stemming from biology and linked with the influences of our environment…….

    I want to explore these things as ideas………..I don’t believe they are anything like theories or scientific laws at this stage……not sure if there ever will be a theory of life…..but… may still be worth exploring…..after all the social sciences haven’t done much in this regard…what have the SS achieved in the last 50 years? …… But like E.O.Wilson, I think through Consilience, much of this will be re-formulated ……and our knowledge & experience will explode.

    But we will need for various disciplines to come together in this research…..


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