Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 25 & 26 | 18042013 & 25042013

Temple Gardens | Usher Gallery

Today Kevin, Robert, Dan and David visited Temple Gardens with the camera. On the way we discussed Alastair’s article about our project and the SSC,  and we also talked about public art and public, and private, gardens. Last week David and Louise discussed Louise’s photographs… some very interesting images (we plan to get one of them reshot so we can use it as one of our display prints)

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Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Week 24 | 11041013

Kevin assessing our High Street's trees

Congratulations! Kevin has successfully completed the first stage of his Level 1 course in Horticulture.

David and Kevin started the session by reviewing the images we have taken, selected and processed so far; which currently includes two by Michael, one by James, two by Robert and two from the 2010 calendar (selected by residents at Pathways).

We then went for a walk (transect) along the Foss Dyke , assessing the health of our urban environment… we found a really mixed picture. Dan joined us for our walk along High Street and Guildhall Street; assessing the planting, the health of the trees and the level of litter in the planters and on the street. Kevin’s opinion? The whole place could do with some TLC.

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 22 & 23 | 28032013 & 04042013

Alastair Bonnett

Last week we met Alastair Bonnett, and discussed our project with him. He was in town as he had delivered the 2013 SSC Public Lecture the night before (above). He wanted to talk with us because he is writing an article for the Times Higher Education magazine about the SSC’s work at The Pathways Centre… watch this space.

This week Vanessa, Robert and David went for a walk. We popped into the minilab to order our next display print; then gossiped about hometowns over a coffee in Angel (Vanessa is from Zuzwil – near Wil – in Switzerland, which is a similar size to Gainsborough), before popping into Revival for a quick chat with Angela and Holly, and ending up at Mary-le-Wigford for a catch-up with Jackie and Michael… a very ‘social’ walk/talk! On our way back up High Street we met Kirstie, Chris and Billy (below), who are fundraisers for Framework. A day of getting to know each other better whilst walking, talking and doing chores!

The Fundraisers