Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 30 & 31 | 23052013 & 30052013


Last week David and Kane went for a hot beverage on Moonraker, Lincoln’s very own Tearoom on a barge! Captain Christine was very welcoming, and Kane liked the place so much he decided to to take some photographs (including this one of David reading Alastair’s article in the THE). Later we bumped into Peaceful Warrior, and had a good gossip about Lincoln as a ‘r+evolutionary’ place…

Today was another busy day, collecting display prints from Dom (The Writing is on the Wall – Louise Kent is an artist!), visiting The Collection to have a closer look at the new exhibition, and discussing how we might expand the OPOP project to include other Framework sites across the East Midlands… all very exciting.

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 28 & 29 | 09052013 & 16052013

It’s been a busy few weeks for those involved in the project. Louise has been appointed The Pathways Centre Service Manager (permanent), Robert has started a Prince’s Trust team-building course in Gainsborough, James has visited his daughter ‘down south’ and Kane has bought his first digital camera… exciting stuff. Last week we watched this TED Talk by David Byrne, which we found inspirational; today we re-shot Kev’s image idea of the Usher (below).


Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Week 27 | 02052013

Temple Gardens

Bright blue sky, so we went back to the Usher Gallery and Temple Gardens today. Robert, Dan and David were joined by James (welcome back!), whose photograph of the stained glass window (Cathedral shoot) is now ready for display at Pathways…

James' photograph

After taking pictures around Temple Gardens, we went into the Usher Gallery to see the exhibition 6000 Years. We were all moved by Jeremy Millar’s sculpture Self- Portrait as a drowned man (The Willows) 2011. David later told Tom Morton, who curated the exhibition, how Jeremy’s work had affected us all deeply. Tom and Jeremy are good friends, and Tom said he was keen to pass on our opinions to ‘the artist’…

David McAleavey Tom Morton Jennifer Gleadell Antony Lee

David, Anthony Lee, Tom Morton and, far right, Jenny Gleadell. (Image: Alan Armstrong)