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Where is my mind?

Was one of the questions we considered during this afternoon’s session.

For what it’s worth, I think that it depends on the nature of the task you’re attending to, for instance, your brain and body; my brian and body; embedded in our environment – and what that environment affords – might meaningfully be called a ‘mind’ for the duration of that particular task. Anderson’s calls this kind of mind a ‘task-specific synergy’.

We’ve spent the last two weeks discussing, among many other things, this paper by Ritter et al.


The paper raised a number of important questions, cheif among them;

But aren’t cognitive responses to ‘neutral’ stimuli always modulated culturally?

Not unsurprisingly, I went back to Anderson’s work on neural reuse, and in particular one of the commentaries (Immordino-Yang et al.)  on his 2010 BBS paper (275-276).


The riffing continues…

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