Inflection Point | Sessions 2 & 3 | 07032014 & 21032014

Yesterday, Vernon, Carol, Andy, David and Gary met up at the Angel Coffee House to discuss all of our ongoing projects. Vernon shared the work he’s been doing with the Word in Edgeways poetry group at Developmentplus; Carol shared her ongoing photographic exploration of the work of the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh; Andy shared his recent formal/abstract photographic experiments (see below); David shared his new photographic work on masonry; and Gary asked questions (well he is doing a PhD!)… a wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring morning!


Image: Andy Wingell

On Friday, 7 March, Andy, David and Karolina met up at KSA HQ. After a quick chat about  the OPOP exhibition, Andy and David went out for a walk… we’ll be processing those images during our next IP session in April.

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