Inflection Point – Session 4 |Our Place, Our Priorities – Week 61 | 15042014 & 02052014


We’ve got the dates for our public exhibition – Monday, 2 June until Saturday, 14 June – and today we continued with our preparation… in Andy’s mum’s house! Andy, Vernon and David were joined by James Jarvill (one of David’s former students), who is recently back from India and keen to get involved. We’re planning a social event for the middle Saturday of the exhibition, but we’re waiting to hear back from the Eleanor at the library before we send out invitations. On Tuesday, 15 April Andy and David spent the day in Gainsborough, walking and talking. Andy is having a few problems with his benefits – whenever he finds a few days work, miscommunications between A4E and the DWP result in his benefits being suspended (Andy gets ‘sanctioned’)  –  A4E don’t seem quite so committed to improving people’s lives as their slogan proclaims.