SSI | Week One | 21012014

… I got through the night without mentioning Darwin.

Sarah’s question about our roles and responsibilities, as teachers, as students, or as scholars (the term I said that I prefer to use), has occupied me since we met last Thursday.* As has my challenge to Gary and Joss about the tasks we were assigned; if you remember, I reminisced that they reminded me of English comprehension exercises from school.

At the time, I responded to Sarah with something about co-learning, the freedom to learn with and from one another, as equals… I think I may have even mentioned ‘plural subjects’. On reflection, I wish I had had the presence of mind to ask the group to indulge me while I tried to unpack Sarah’s question with a few questions of my own, and then that I had given Sarah’s question the time, space and consideration it deserved. This is exactly what Sarah and I usually do when we are riffing together. In the event, I did what most people do in such situations, and simply said the first positive sounding thing that came into my head. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

So, I’d like to ask the group now if we might assign some time during tonight’s session to Sarah’s question. If we decide that now is not the right time, I’d like to suggest that we do schedule a time to return to it during our course, and offer this as a starting point.

By the way, this request is also, in part, my response to my comment about the nature of the activities we did last week.

But I did mention Ben Folds, Damn.

* I’ve also been thinking about Jane’s related question about whether the SSC has any leaders… but that will have to wait until the next time Jane can join us.



Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 54, 55 & 56 | 05122013, 12122013 & 19122012

Last week we visited Lincoln Cathedral again. We continue to be interested by the marks that people have left in the stone…Lincoln_CathedralAs we have nearly completed our work at Pathways, we’ve begun to think about what our next project(s) might be. These are a few of Andy’s ideas:

On_the_back_of_an_envelope The_Pathways_Centre

We also had a look around the centre to see where our display prints have been installed…

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 51,52 & 53 | 14112013, 21112013 & 28112013


A couple of weeks ago Andy bought a journal to archive some of the working prints we’ve produced, so today we started to categorize the images (more soon). The previous two weeks were spent reviewing and editing images Andy had taken in Gainsborough (below) and Birmingham. 



(Image: Andrew Wingell)

During our discussions, we talked about how we anthropomorphize the made environment…

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 46,47 & 50 | 24102013, 31102013 & 07112013


Louise and Andy

More processing and editing (top right is Andy’s first display print – Tennyson). The first four display prints have – finally – been installed at The Pathways Centre (images to follow), and the next three are in the safe hands of Dom and Dan at the minilab. Andy has finished processing all of his work from the Sleaford to Lincoln walk he took a few weekends ago, and we’re now in the process of deciding which of these will be the next images to be printed for display… 

PS Sorry Andy, I’ve just noticed that you’re blinking in this photograph.

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 43, 44 & 45 | 03102013, 10102013 & 17102013


Gainsborough Old Hall (Image: Andy)

Today we caught up with some old friends. Michael and James were  back at Pathways visiting people, and we gossiped about the project, life, photography and, well, life again! Last week Andy, David and Louise reviewed the project images, ideas and ambitions thus far; steady progress towards our dozen display images (above is one of the Andy’s photographs from his recent work in Gainsborough). The week prior to that, David and Andy went for a walk along the Fosse, and found this thoughtful fella…


(Image: Andy)

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 40, 41 & 42 | 12092013, 19092013 & 26092013

Arboretum Fountain

(Image: Andy)

This week we reviewed all of the images from the project so far (and selected four more for display printing), last week we visited the new exhibition at The Collection and the MA Fine Art show at Lincoln University. The week before that we visited the Arboretum (see above). September has been a time of reflection.

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 37, 38 & 39 | 22082013, 29082013 & 05092013



(Image: Andy)

Three weeks of processing the Cathedral shoot for Andy (above and below),  two weeks of shooting for Kane, and David and Kim have done a bit of both! Louise and David have arranged to meet on Thursday, 10 October to review the project… is it really a year already? 



(Image: Andy)

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 34, 35 & 36 | 11072013, 01082013 & 08082013

Kev and his picture.


It’s been a busy summer so far, with Kev (above), Michael and James moving on and Kim, Simon and Andy moving in (well, moving into Framework managed accommadation in Gainsborough). Last week and this, David and Andy have been out photographing historic Lincoln. Last week we visited the Bishop’s Palace, this week we visited Lincoln Cathedral… lots of images to process during our next session.

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 32 & 33 | 20062013 & 27062013


Today Kane, Kevin, Andy and David went to re-shoot the Willow Island and the Glory Hole. Andy joined the project last week, and although he is currently living with Kevin and Robert up in Gainsborough, he is originally from Lincoln, and he knows the city very well. Whilst we were walking from the Brayford to the Glory Hole, Kane noticed this unusual view of Lincoln Castle… interesting shot Kane. Michael and James put in cameo appearences before the end of the session, it was good to catch up with them. James moves into his own place next week – GOOD LUCK JAMES!

Our Place, Our Priorities: Photography at The Pathways Centre | Weeks 30 & 31 | 23052013 & 30052013


Last week David and Kane went for a hot beverage on Moonraker, Lincoln’s very own Tearoom on a barge! Captain Christine was very welcoming, and Kane liked the place so much he decided to to take some photographs (including this one of David reading Alastair’s article in the THE). Later we bumped into Peaceful Warrior, and had a good gossip about Lincoln as a ‘r+evolutionary’ place…

Today was another busy day, collecting display prints from Dom (The Writing is on the Wall – Louise Kent is an artist!), visiting The Collection to have a closer look at the new exhibition, and discussing how we might expand the OPOP project to include other Framework sites across the East Midlands… all very exciting.